Tuesday, June 27, 2017

FREE SPEECH: Murray Rothbard vs. The Trump Right

As I have noted previously,  the Trump right is getting as bad as the anti-Trump left.
Frank Camp is correct when he writes:
 Now, following the congressional shooting, as well as a rash of violent rhetoric from progressives, a segment of the Trump-Right has decided to adopt the tactics of the anti-free speech Left...

During Sunday’s “Rally for Peace,” some attendees held signs reading: “No hate speech. No political violence,” and “No Julius Caesar” (The Caesar sign referencing the Shakespeare in the Park production in New York in which the assassinated Julius Caesar resembled President Trump)....

The lack of specificity surrounding the definition of “hate speech” allows any citizen (or government leader) to use it as a weapon to silence his or her opposition. It's what we've been seeing from progressives for years, and now, it appears a contingent of Trump supporters want to get their hands on that weapon as well.

A war in which subjectively-defined “hate speech” is the sword and cannon will end in one way — tyranny. Whichever side comes out on top doesn't matter, because in such a war, we will all have lost.
As usual Murray Rothbard gets it right.




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