Tuesday, June 27, 2017

BREAKING Rand Paul to Meet Today With Trump

Peter Alexander, national correspondent for NBC News, is reporting that Rand Paul, who is a hardcore "No" on the Republican healthcare bill is meeting with President Trump at the White House at noon.

I am going to be watching this very closely. Will Rand stay firm or will Trump be able to flip him?

Let's hope Rand is only taking the meeting to eyeball one size drapes he may need in 2021.



I hope Rand brings this into the meeting.


  1. Politicians only think of power and money and Obamacare Lite is obviously going to be horrible. It is not going to reduce the price of healthcare or make healthcare more available. It's only going to reduce the availability of subsidized super-expensive healthcare from what might otherwise be more subsidized healthcare under the Democrat plan. Republicans will be condemned daily in the media for the still-expensive healthcare costs AND for all the horror stories of people with no coverage. Not a good route to re-election, money and power.

    1. Of course. The economic illiterates who make up the moronic 'american people' have no basis to understand anything we say or propose.