Tuesday, June 27, 2017

BREAKING EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: CNN Producer Admits Russia Story is Bullshit!

Back in April, I hinted this was coming (Benjamin Barr is in The House) when James O'Keefe's Washington D.C. attorney Benjamin Barr visited with me in San Francisco. I wrote:
It sounds like O'Keffe is working on a very interesting project that will expose even more lefties. Stay tuned.
I didn't want to say too much to expose O'Keefe's operation but it is HUGE. He just released part 1. Just wait for the rest.

What should be focused on here is that O'Keefe uses the plural "reporters" in the clip. Got that? There is more coming, a lot more.


BTW, the only problem I have with the above clip is that O'Keefe ties in making money with what CNN is doing but it is a very dumb game CNN is playing by distorting news for ratings. In the long run, which is now for CNN, they will get exposed for what they are doing and that is not going to be good for their bottom line or the careers of many at CNN.

Expect many, many resignations as the O'Keefe series continues to roll.




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  1. This drops right after Nikki Haley preps us for WW3? How can anyone talk WW3 while CNN is being exposed? The Haley story is nowhere to be found on The Donald. The top Google News hits for "Nikki Haley" are reporting the super important story of how she was booed during a gay pride parade.

    Trump's already told us he (and proved it with MOAB and the first Syrian strike) won't tell us before he strikes so the enemies don't know our plans. This looks like Iraq all over again.