Thursday, June 15, 2017

BREAKING Alex Jones Taped His Entire Pre-Interview and Interview With Megyn Kelly and Will Release!

Infowars is preparing to release tonight the full Megyn Kelly interview with Alex Jones originally set to air on NBC this Sunday evening, the online outfit says.

According to Infowars, Kelly’s first promo for the show, published on Twitter last Sunday, contradicts the host’s private statements to Alex Jones in which she claimed the interview would not be  a blatant hit-piece.

The pre-interview in the clip below appears to have been secretly recorded.




  1. Doesn't matter because Megyn Kelly's audience isn't even going to know the Jones' unedited version even exists let alone watch it.

  2. "'I wanna get steaks with you, I am obsessed with you OMG' wiggling around in her seat." LOLOLOL no idea if his description is accurate but hilarious.