Sunday, June 11, 2017

US Border Patrol Agent Kidnapped In New Mexico; Had Fingers Cut Off

The start of an escalation?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is assisting in the investigation of a report of an assault against an off-duty Border Patrol agent assigned to the Deming, New Mexico, Border Patrol Station.

The agent was discovered on the side of the road by a motorist at 11 p.m. MDT Friday. The agent “suffered multiple, serious injuries to his head, chest and hands,” officials said.

According to a reporter with the Las Cruces Sun-News newspaper, the agent’s fingers were “cut off.”



  1. Nasty. Truly, no one deserves that fate.
    It does remind me of the turtle in "Breaking Bad".

  2. Ummmm . . . . . smells like cartel.

    1. Definitely smells like cartel, but let's not jump the gun. We don't know whether they knew he was border patrol or not, or whether he had cartel connections or not. These things are probably being investigated.