Monday, June 26, 2017

A Busy Vicious Weekend for Urban Primitives

In the Big Easy:

Police are trying to identify the four people who brutally attacked two men in town for a religious convention as they walked in the French Quarter Saturday night during a robbery, leaving one victim in critical condition at a local hospital.

James Curran and Tim Byrne were in town from Boston to attend the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association, the annual meeting of the liberal religious association.

Curran was treated for a broken nose and released following Saturday's attack, but Byrne remained hospitalized Monday. (via WWLTV)

In Georgia:

A Georgia restaurant owner and her teenage daughter said they were attacked by customers who were served cold chicken, CBS affiliate WTOC-TV in Savannah reports. Jeanette Norris, owner of the Qwik Chik restaurant in Baxley, Georgia, said the attack happened Thursday after a couple complained about their order of chicken being cold. After a few minutes of arguing back-and-forth, Norris said she refunded their money -- but this did not satisfy the customers. "She went berserk," Norris told WTOC-TV. "They both lost it, him and her both started cussing and beating on the window." Norris confronted the couple outside, telling them she had called the police, but that's when the female customer began striking her in the face. Norris's daughter then exited a truck to help when the male customer punched the teenager in the face.




  1. Six people from Detroit and its suburbs were among 11 people arrested Monday in a massive brawl at Cedar Point, the Toledo Blade reported.

    The Michigan residents who are facing charges in connection with the incident are:

    • Kainan Kordero-Kendrick Reed, 20, of Clinton Township, charged with riot and resisting arrest.

    • Jakari J. Willis, 19, of Oak Park, charged with riot, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

    • Russell Lee Donahue, 22, of Detroit, charged with riot.

    • Roshown Baker, 18, of Detroit, charged with riot.

    • Angel Barnes, 18, of Harper Woods, charged with resisting arrest.

    • Justin Eddie-Marquez, 21, of Detroit, charged with four counts of riot and one count each of failure to disperse, resisting arrest, and underage consumption. He was arrested on the eve of his 21st birthday.

  2. I think next weekend we will see real fireworks, weather permitting of course.

    1. I don't expect too many, as sunset is about 12:45 am and sunrise is at 3....

  3. Surprised you didn't post the brawl in the SF mall today. It seems to be escalating quickly.

  4. I suppose I get why these things happen in New Orleans or New York or Detroit, or San Francisco, but you would think there would be some folks who would pull a gun to protect themselves? Are all these places that submissive that the good folks carry no weapons? After how many years of this sort of violence?
    Maybe it's just folks I know around here in Fairbanks Alaska, but you would stand a good chance of getting shot in the face if you pulled that crap here. When I go to church I know at least 20 people there are carrying. Or more. When I go out to eat I figure there are at least a few folks packing a gun.
    If I am in a store and see a couple fellows packing a gun, I don't worry about what mischief they are up to, I usually wonder what type of gun they have.
    Not that there isn't crime here, there is, but living in the most heavily armed town in America seems to bring some peace of mine.
    Despite our State government trying to tax us, which they have been thwarted so far, Alaska is still pretty free. Heck our State troopers are actually pretty nice folks, and I'm not one who necessarily likes cops. I have to think the pretty much unrestricted availability to own and carry a weapon has something to do with it.