Monday, May 1, 2017

Who Killed Bobby Kennedy?

As we await word on whether President Trump will allow the release of thousands of still-secret government files on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, it should not be forgotten that serious questions remain about the assassination of JFK's brother, Robert F. Kennedy.

Questions that could be answered by the opening up of an investigation by Trump's attorney general, Jeff Sessions.

Allard K. Lowenstein, an anti-war activist who was a U.S. Representative of the 5th Congressional District in Nassau County, New York for one term (1969 to 1971),  during a  1975 one-hour appearance on William F. Buckley's television show "Firing Line" raised many questions about the original Los Angeles police investigation of the RFK assassination and claims by police officials and the Los Angeles district attorney's office..

It was one of the first times the American public was shown that many elements of ballistic and forensic evidence were radically at odds with eyewitness testimony and the assumption that Sirhan Sirhan alone had shot Senator Kennedy.

Lowenstein's effort to reopen the case ended in 1980. He was murdered in his Manhattan office on March 14 of that year at age 51 by a "mentally ill gunman," Dennis Sweeney.



(Sources: Wikipedia, Hoover Institution)


  1. "mentally ill gunman" = MK Ultra

  2. In 2015 I created a video of the final day of J.F.K. starting with a speech he gave in Fort Worth, Texas, and following the tragedy until his burial at Arlington National Cemetery. The sound track was Mozart's Mass in C Minor, K427, with Laurence Equilbey leading the vocals of the first movement i used in the video.

    I put all of my knowledge of color, and experience working on ads and annual reports for the most important corporations in the world into every pixel of the badly damaged historic photos. Each 5 second frame was required to go through 25 steps to create continuity in the highlight, flesh tones, shadow density, and overall neutrality as the photos told the story in chronologic order, including the Abraham Zapruder film. I put 74 hours week into this video over a period of over four months to create a gut wrenching historic video which shows Lyndon Baines Johnson stalking the Kennedy's, while he smirked, grinned like a lunatic, glared, and isolated Kennedy in Fort Worth on the outdoor wooden stage. It is impossible to watch the video without realizing Lyndon Baines Johnson was deeply involved in the assassination.

    Bobby Kennedy is seen on the far right of a frame where J.F.K. is in his casket in the rotunda, and Bobby is glaring to the far left where L.B.J. is standing, Bobby knew. Several frames later as Bobby, Jackie, and Ted walk toward Arlington you can see the visceral pain in Booby's face, Ted's eyes were unchanged and dead as usual.

    I was home sick that day on November 22, 1963 when Kennedy was ritually assassinated in Dallas and my mothers show was interrupted by a bulletin that Kennedy had been shot. My friend across the street was sick, and he and his mother came over and watched as Walter Cronkite announced Jack's death while removing his glasses. I was ten years, and two days old on that day and I have never felt that the government gave a damn about us since that day.

    I am certain Bobby Kennedy was deeply involved in the murder of Marilyn Monroe, but his brothers assassination seemed to have wounded him deeply and made him reassess life. In those days anyone who wanted to stop the madness was as good as dead, and the handwriting was on the wall for M.L.K., Bobby, and Hale Boggs.

    In the video you can see the Elm Street yellow curb kill zone markers which I never heard of until I put the hours into the video. Google seems to have removed most of the photographs of the painted kill zone curb makes I was able to find two years ago. At that time there were probably 10 different photos that showed the yellow painted curb marks. I love hard drives.