Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump to Light White House Blue to Honor Police

Trump really has a thing for armed agents of the state,

He announced Monday that he'll light the White House blue to honor police officers for Monday's Peace Officer Memorial Day.

Except police officers aren't as much peace officers now as they are armed enforcers of state interventions in the peaceful goings on within a society.



  1. Honoring police and the military while criticizing "government" is something of a tradition with pretend libertarians. Government without the police and military (pigs and grunts) is nothing but harmless morons with sadistic opinions. Those who - in reality - actually govern are those individuals who are willing to point guns at the innocent and force them to obey. Blaming politicians and wrong-thinkers for the evils of authority misses the truth: evil laws are harmless until evil men enforce them. So long as we believe in free will, we must blame the police and military for everything wrong with what we call government. The defense: "I just do it - I don't think it up - so I'm innocent!" is invalid.

  2. Of course he does... They mostly all voted for him. This is a great PR move for him. A President supporting his troops/police force is nothing news worthy.