Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Awful David Clarke and the Homeland Security Behemoth

President Trump has made some horrific personal decisions when staffing his administration.

From putting Reince Priebus with his unclear allegiances in as chief of staff to surrounding himself with generals that have a blood thirst desire for war to trade advisers who do not have even a fundamental understanding of the benefits of trade, it is not an impressive bunch for the freedom lover.

But the President's worst choice may be David Clarke who has been named Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Partnership and Engagement. Whether Trump was instrumental in picking Clarke himself or it was the decision of Homeland Security chief John Kelly, the Clarke pick stand out as especially bad in a litter of bad picks.

Anthony L. Fisher's piece on Clarke and the DHS iteslf is a must read: The awful David Clarke and the homeland security behemoth: Milwaukee's sheriff is unfit, but what about the department itself?



  1. If you were really interested in draining the swamp, would you stuff your branch of government with these sort of people?

  2. The late Will Grigg had nothing good to say about David Clarke, either.