Friday, May 5, 2017

Tennessee House Passes Resolution to Honor EPJ/Target Liberty Contributor, Then Regrets It

Shane Kastler emails:
Below is an article/letter that explains how Tennessee recently passed a resolution that honored me. Then they regretted passing it:
On April 13, the Tennessee House of Representatives unanimously passed House Resolution 97, also known as the Shane E. Kastler Bill to honor me for my literary contributions to the state of Tennessee. It was primarily because of a book I wrote in 2010 called "Nathan Bedford Forrest's Redemption" which is about a Confederate, slave-trading, general and early leader in the KKK; who after the war became a Christian and publicly argued for racial equality.  

But once a "Klansman", always a "Klansman" in the eyes of most modern liberals.  

Even though the bill passed 94-0, the Congressional Black Caucus went ballistic two weeks later when the Associated Press ran an article entitled, "Tennessee Lawmakers Unwittingly Vote to Honor Klan Leader."  The article ran in the NY Times, Washington Post, Detroit Free-Press, ABC News, Yahoo News, and most major news outlets.  The Caucus claims they were tricked. In reality, they simply voted for a bill they didn't read; and then got embarrassed after they found out who was in the bill. 

Incidentally, the bill also mentions me as having contributed articles to Economic Policy Journal, Target Liberty, the Ron Paul Institute, the Mises Institute, and other libertarian causes.  

By the time the Caucus found out about the bill the Speaker of the House already signed it; and being a "resolution" it is not subject to a governor's veto.  In short, the bill exposed a lot of lawmakers for the flippant way in which they govern.  And it drew a little attention to my writings.  Some of the Republican lawmakers have encouraged the bill's sponsor, Rep. Mike Sparks, to distance himself from me because of some of my controversial political views.  As of yet, Rep. Sparks remains a friend.  Interesting quagmire for Tennessee politics.


  1. This story is amazing. I read the resolution (thanks for the link - saved some digging). Nowhere does the resolution honor Gen. Forrest. It mentions him as an important piece of Tennessee history - especially given his change-of-heart. Ultimately, Gen. Forrest's account by Shane Kastler is only one of the listed reasons for honoring Pastor Kastler!

    So, this is the new, redeemed, fact-checking mainstream media, huh? Misleading headlines and sins of omission? Sounds very much like the old MSM, with its mission of obfuscation and political division. Same old same old.

    Some humor, though, watching the lawmakers squirm, however. That's hilarious. They're even saying they thought they were passing a bill condemning Forrest! Cowards. Sniveling little parasitic cowards who would do and say anything to hold office and wield their puny powers. Good for Rep. Sparks for standing pat.

  2. Here's some ammo for the good Pastor: Hillary Clinton called former KKK member Robert Byrd "a true American original, my friend and mentor." Just Google Clinton Byrd to find pictures of the Klansman laying a big wet one on her.

    Straight from the horse's mouth:

    1. Like my sarge used to say "Do as I say, not as I do."