Monday, May 15, 2017

So This is What the New ESPN is Going to Be

The New York Post reports:
After laying off about 100 employees last month, ESPN is bringing its survivors to the forefront, giving anchors Kenny Mayne, Sage Steele, Hannah Storm, John Anderson, John Buccigross and Steve Levy new multiyear contracts, ESPN announced in a statement. The “SportsCenter” program they will host will be more digitally oriented and personality based, buzzwords ESPN clings to as more and more people cut cords...

Steele has been a controversial figure in her years at the Worldwide Leader, including complaining about how President Trump attempting to ban refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries personally affected her — she missed a flight amid protests. She also guilted Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans into standing for the national anthem by using military graves to evoke a perhaps misguided sense of patriotism.
Yes, just what I am looking for from sports coverage, idiotic political statements.


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  1. ESPN has been a huge joke for years; it's good if your a Yankees, Patriots, Penguins or Lakers/Cavs/Golden State fan because their various chuckleheads will carry their water. Then they show their hypocracy after firing Rush, they allow race baiters such as Rob Parker and Stephen A Smith to stay on. They finally fire Rob Parker after he questions Robert Griffen 3's "blackness". Honestly people are better off watching the league's own networks directly (MLB Network, NFL Network, etc) for coverage other place I would recommend is SB Nation