Saturday, May 20, 2017

Roger Stone: What We Are Seeing in Washington is a Replay of the Deep State Coup That Took Down Nixon


  1. Roger Stone is so full of it. Nixon needed to be run out of office. And I am not even talking about the Watergate cover up which I am actually sympayhic to the argument by Stone and Gordon Liddy that John Dean probably was the idea behind it. But here are the other list of horrible of the Nixon Years

    1.The attempted delay of the Paris Peace Talks by using Anna Chennault promising the South Vietnamese that if they will wait till after the election, they will get a better deal from Nixon than Humphrey. Considering when the Vietnam War ended years later, it ended basically on the same agreement that Johnson Administration would have got in 1968. When you consider, 21, 257 American GI’s died during the Nixon years makes Nixon’s cynical plot with Chennault not only treasonable but amoral by any political standard.

    2.The break in of Daniel Ellsberg’s physicist office by the Plumbers

    3.The discussion in the Oval Office between Nixon and Chuck Colson to break in to Arthur Bremer’s apartment (the man that shot George Wallace) to plant McGovern campaign literature to smear McGovern.

    4.The May 5, 1971 Nixon tape which shows Nixon plotting with HR Halderman to hire Teamster thugs to beat up anti-war protesters.

    5.The Huston Plan which called for domestic burglary, illegal electronic surveillance and opening the mail of domestic "radicals". And the creation of camps in Western states where anti-war protesters would be detained.

    6.Gordon Liddy’s offer to assassinate columnist Jack Anderson.

    7.The plan by the Halderman to firebomb the Brookings Institute to grab the Pentagon Papers.

  2. So Roger, who has over responsibility for staffing the WH with quislings?