Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Politicians are in "Crisis,” Not the Ordinary American

Richard Ebeling emails:

Dear Bob,

I have a new article on the website of the Future of Freedom Foundation on, "Politicians are in ‘Crisis,” Not the Ordinary American."

Listening to the media and the political opinion pundits it seems as if “America” is in a serious and severe political, social and economic crisis brought on by the Trump Administration. Both Democrats and Republicans are in panic modes, though for different reasons.

But look around. The ordinary American is going about his normal, everyday life – going to work; shopping for personal and family needs; businesses continue to manufacture and market the goods we regularly buy; school is letting out for the summer and families are planning vacations. The list can go on. So where is the crisis and conflict?

Its in Washington, D.C. among the politicians, bureaucrats and special interest groups and their lobbyists – and most certainly in the mainstream media with the hysterics that dictatorship is about to descend on the United States, and government propaganda will replace a free press.

Trump is not a freedom revolutionary, but a populist, pragmatic protectionist and political planner. Besides the dislike of him personally because of his boorish and often offensive words and deeds, the crisis in America is consuming the elite establishment social engineers and political paternalists who fear that Trump’s version of the interventionist-welfare state – he is insisting in his new budget proposal that Social Security, Medicare and related programs are untouched, and the military budget will grow to preserve America’s foreign interventionist potentials and presence around the world – will be transformed into a form and type that would threaten their power, position and privilege as the guardians of how the government spend taxpayers’ money, on what and for whom, and upon which their re-election and position in “the system” is based.

“America,” meaning you and me and everyone else going about their personal and interactive affairs,” is not in crisis. But the political establishment that lives off other people’s money is, because of the threat of an outsider upstart who does not challenge the interventionist-welfare state, but would man and manipulate with other purposes in mind.



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