Friday, May 12, 2017

Marines Launch New Ad Seeking Females They Can Train to be Killers

A new television ad is urging women to join the U.S. Marines Corps, reports The Hill.

The ad shows a female Marine moving through dark waters with an M-16 rifle, going through a submerged drainage pipe and shouting orders over the sounds of combat.

“I am extremely humbled to be a part of such a big production ... Professional actors can keep their jobs, though. I’d rather be a Marine,” said Marine Capt. Erin Demchko, a woman featured in the ad, told AP.

“The water was 27 degrees and coated with a layer of thick ice ... Giving the film production staff what they wanted, while maintaining my bearing as a Marine officer and trying not to look cold, was a challenge,” she added.



  1. Is that the proper use of "humbled"? Similar to when a sports star wins an MVP and says they are humbled. It seems more like humble-bragging to me.

  2. I'm wondering what kind of "civilized" nation recruits women into the military?

    Call me sexist, but I'm tired of thinking that sending women to fight is the "right" thing to do.

    1. So sending men is OK? If both are voluntary, what's the difference? Are women's lives more valuable than those of men?

    2. Although both men and women are human, and you can argue that all human lives are equally valuable, Walter Block has made the point that women's lives are more valuable than men's as women are the only humans (at least currently) who can carry and give birth to babies. Thus if one cares about the continuation of the human race, then one ought to protect women more than men.

    3. No, I'm against BOTH men and women joining the military.

      My own personal view is that a country that insists on recruiting women to do their fighting isn't very civilized. That's it.

    4. Do you really think a few female marines is going to end the human race NAP? Is the human population so low that this is in any way logical?

      Uncivilized Michael? So is treating people as members of a group more civilized than treating them as individuals?

    5. David T, to be clear, I'm not in favor of any state military force, whether comprised of men, women, robots or a mixture. I was merely offering one response to your question "Are women's lives more valuable than those of men?"