Friday, May 26, 2017

Ivanka's Taste in Art: Chewed Bubble Gum

Artnet news reports that Jared and Ivanka Trump have in their apartment a work by Dan Colen composed of brightly colored wads of chewed bubble gum. (Phillips New York auction house sold a similar work by Colen for $578,500 in 2012.).



  1. Look at her choice in religions, what did you expect?

  2. As Mises might say, privately: Sometimes this subjective theory of value sucks.

  3. You're all missing the point of the piece. You don't hang chewed bubblegum on your wall so you can stare at the gum. You buy it so you can chuckle at the people who get bent out of shape over the fact that you bought chewed bubblegum. Its like when a performer pees on a statue of Jesus. The peeing is only preparation for the real show. The real show is the outrage. You are all unwitting but eager participants in the show.

    This is the same technique Milo used. The show is not Kilos provocative comments, the show is the indignation that follows.

    1. And why exactly would Ivanka want to put wads of chewed gum in her apartment to watch others reactions to it? She could do the same by just shaving her head---and for a lot cheaper price.

    2. You just keep trying to figure it out. The show must go on.