Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ivanka's New Role Model is Eleanor Roosevelt

I really preferred it when Ivanka Trump's role model appeared to be solely Paris Hilton.

The New York Times reports:
Ms. Trump, 35, a former model, entrepreneur and hotel developer, says she will focus on gender inequality in the United States and abroad, by aiming to create a federal paid leave program, more affordable child care and a global fund for women who are entrepreneurs, among other efforts....

In the two interviews last week, Ms. Trump talked about unleashing the economic potential of women — some of her phrases sounding uncannily like those of Hillary Clinton — and effused about finding a new role model in Eleanor Roosevelt, whose autobiography she is reading...

Those close to Ms. Trump say she is generally business-friendly and socially liberal. But she says that on many issues, she does not have strongly held views.

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  1. Will Ivanka Trump visit Muslim women and children in internment camps like her new found hero Eleanor Roosevelt did in 1943 when she visited Japanese American women and children at the Gila River internment camp?

    Hey Ivanka, go visit an American prison camp by the name of Manzanar if you are so concerned about the plight of imprisoned women and children. I am sure you will be shocked to learn that other human beings have been imprisoned for their beliefs who don't happen to be Jewish. Japanese Americans were put on trains in Los angeles and later arrived at a desolate train depot outside Lone Pine, California where they would board buses to Manzanar. When they rolled into the prison camp every human being was photographed, documented, vaccinated, and physically inspected before being given their bedrolls to take to their tarpaper shack barracks.

    What are you afraid of Ivanka, Manzanar isn't useful propaganda, or is it America's inconvenient history that scares you?