Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Is Trump Incompetency Good for Libertarianism?

I am seeing quite a bit of commentary along the lines that the incompetency being displayed by President Trump is good for libertarianism in that it is weakening in the eyes of the masses the notion of government as a great and important institution.

Not so.

The bumbling of Trump is being portrayed by mainstream media and swallowed completely by the masses as a case of incompetency on the part of Trump and that what is needed is a different competent leader at the top.

No one is viewing the bizarre Trump reign as a problem with government, He is too much outside the box for the masses to think of him as the type of politician that normally gets to the top.



  1. Wait...I thought Trump IS libertarianism. That's what libertarians were telling me 6 months ago. 4D chess and all that.

  2. Exactly. I even saw someone on twitter refer to Trump and his team as the 'Libertarian Death Cult.' I was like 'what the bloody hell...'

  3. Perhaps Trump's election has caused some statists to begin to question the model of democracy, or at least centralization, i.e., the idea that 320 million people ought to be ruled from DC? In other words, "If our system can result in Trump's election, and we all have to live under his rule, maybe there's something wrong with the system"?

    Perhaps Trump's election has diminished the stature of the US government on the world stage? "The Americans are maniacs, so maybe we shouldn't be so beholden to them in the future."

    Am I grasping at straws? Is there any silver lining?

  4. Is it incompetency or sabotage? He made a lot of bad hires but maybe that was because he was trying to include the evil fuckers to prevent them from sabotaging him. I don't think the man is an idiot. The deep state is pushing him into a corner, hopefully he stops cowering and starts attacking. It is quite obvious this is a coordinated attack from the globalists to take him out. I choose to look at this as 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend.' Sure, Trump is not great but look at who his enemies are, the same people we have all hated for decades. I'm not saying to support the guy, but think a little deeper in terms of what the news media is trumpeting. I personally hope that the Seth Rich story that is finally coming out (after everyone in the alternative media world had already known this for a year) is part of his attempt to attack back. At least it isn't business as usual for the deep state.

  5. I don't think this a case of incompetence, but rather a case of a seriously mentally ill man who has a deeply ingrained authoritarian vein that runs through the dark heart of his psyche. Donald Trump hates the idea of individual sovereignty, and ownership of one's own body to the point that he wants to imprison individuals for self-medicating without the government's stamp of approval.

    I believe Donald Trump wants to eviscerate what little meaning the Bill of Rights still has in the age of "Knock and Talk" home invasions by hyper-aggressive SWAT teams. Libertarian thought and Donald Trump are literally so at odds with one another that they exist in separate dimensions, because the two existing in the same space would rend the space-time continuum.

  6. I thought the whole goal was gridlock? We've got it and we didn't have to get a Clinton appointee on the Supremes.

  7. I have a related question.

    To Obama's followers (disciples?), he was a deep intellectual who pondered things deeply before arriving at judicious decisions. Yet as an Austro-libertarian I found his logic and policies to be destructive, both in terms of economics and liberty.

    Trump is no deep intellectual, he does not appear to ponder, and his decisions are decidedly not judicious. Yet I find his logic and policies to be similarly destructive.

    My question is, ought we to care HOW a president arrives at his decisions if they are destructive in any event? Is it possible that it is actually worse to have an "intellectual" president, because those who worship at the altar of the state are more likely to grant him deference?