Friday, May 26, 2017

Infowars Claim: News Bigger Than Watergate Coming Tuesday

Infowars founder Alex Jones told his audience yesterday that his Washington D.C. correspondent Dr. Jerome Corsi will break news  on Tuesday that will be "larger than  Watergate."

According to Jones, the report will focus on high-level information about the murder of Seth Rich.

Jones also says the report will reveal that President Trump has information that President Obama had given massive amounts of NSA records to Democratic operatives, including records on libertarian groups,



  1. AJ's gonna save the Republic... Tuesday. No need to interrupt your 3 day weekend, burgers and beers.

  2. What ever happened to Alex Jones and Roger Stone's huge deathbed confession story that was going to end John McCain's political life?

  3. The Clintons and the DNC are sociopathic, power-hungry murderers, but the story breakers can afford to wait 3 days to break supposedly big news?

    That doesn't add up.

    1. Its Alex Jones! Has he ever said anything that did add up?