Friday, May 5, 2017

Gore Vidal On Ronald Reagan

Right from the start, Vidal understood that Reagan was no small government president--and basically a con man.

It's too bad he is not around to comment on Trump but if you close your eyes and listen to the below, it is very easy to think he is speaking truth about Trump.




  1. God I miss Gore Vidal, the man used his quick wit to eviscerate the odious propaganda of people like Ronald W. Reagan and William F. Buckley, Jr. in a way that put people at ease. Gore Vidal was so laid back and relaxed in this interview that he was almost slumped over in his chair. Gore's posture was putting people at ease, yet he was mounting a brutal full frontal attack on the fraud that Reagan was going to get government off the back of the people.

    I watched that interview when it occurred because I loved Gore Vidal's debating skills, and hated the smarmy third rate actor know as Ronald Wilson Reagan. I am sorry, but I had a seething hatred of Ronald Reagan because that dim bulb propagandized American males to the point that they worshiped the U.S. military more than they loved life itself.

  2. I was but a very young pup not really in the know about Gore Vidal. I've come to appreciate him recently as a defender of liberty. Anyone that can trash Buckley so thoroughly is an asset to the species. Just as I wish I knew Rothbard when he was alive, so do I have the same feelings about Gore Vidal.