Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dr. Jerome Corsi: You Can't Defeat Disinformation With Facts

The below clip of Dr. Jerome Corsi is very important. It dovetails nicely with my point at the post, What Donald Trump Should Do, where I argue that President Trump is never going to defeat his attackers by arguing facts with them,

As I wrote:
Logic is not going to persuade them.
The strategy Cosi suggests here is very sound. However, I hasten to add, he suggests that attacking North Korea, "if warranted," would be a way to move away from the current Russia narrative. That would work, of course, but it is a bad idea, if we are thinking of moving in the direction of peace and freedom.

Trump could change the narrative just as easily by inviting Kim Jung un to the White House. Now that's a topic changer and a step in the direction of peace.

He could also sign some Executive Orders abolishing some wacko stuff dear to the hearts of the Left---but in line with his base and moving toward freedom.

Or how about this: He signs an Executive Order setting up an audit of the gold in Fort Knox!

There are many, many ways to change the narrative and keep it changed but addressing the disinformation on a daily basis is not one of them, nor will it stop by Trump befriending his enemies and giving then roles in the White House,