Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Critical Theorists Are Insane

Critical theorists are anti-science and anti-logic, which means they are basically anti-reality, This is why they don't want to debate and just want to destroy.

 Reza Ziai was a critical theorist but abandoned the bizarre perspective.

His essay reveals what goes on in critical theory education.

A snippet:
In virtually every class, I was told that all scientific knowledge, and even science itself was founded on Western cultural constructions and was to be regarded as hegemonic. And since each of the world’s various cultural viewpoints were enmeshed in their own historicity, each respective one (especially the Western one) could only be understood in terms relative to all the others. Accordingly, objective truths did not exist. We were all taught that “reality” was the exact equivalent of how you perceive it.
Read the full piece here.



  1. The hypocrisy of RW in calling anyone else anti-science with his views on anthropogenic climate change is astounding.

    1. How the hell do you come up with this stuff?

      I have run the opinions of other on climate change but I have made one public statement on climate change:

      "I have no idea how the climate is changing and neither do almost of all those who have strong positions on climate change. I assume to some degree climate has always changed. That said, the climate is a very complex system. I haven't yet come across one person in the general public who has a strong opinion on climate change that can even explain to me how fog forms in San Francisco and that's a fairly easy thing to understand. They are all frauds in my book.

      "As for the so-called experts, I have listened to many on both sides and caught many, on both sides, making basic methodological errors and other errors that a non-expert such as myself can spot. My guess is there are probably five people in the world who have a truly sound grasp of how climate works, but I have no idea who those five people are. You would have to be a scholar spending years reading up on the subject to find them and know they are the ones. They are probably as little known to the general public as Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard and Chi-Yuen Wu are in the field of economics."

    2. @Matt,

      It's astounding the ease with which you threw that red herring so as not to address the fact that the very same people who say "Science! Settled!" also claim that there are no objective truths.

    3. Guys, he was joking, I'm pretty sure.

  2. It's always amusing when these folks claim "There are no objective truths!" That statement itself is an assertion in the form of an objective truth, and thus fails the logic test because it is self-contradictory.

    1. And they will counter that with another categorical statement: logic is a Western value and thus hegemonic.

    2. Right, which is why they rely on force, not persuasion, to "nudge" people, as they can't operate according to the rules of logic because that's a self-defeating exercise.