Friday, May 19, 2017

Comey Has Agreed to Testify in Open Session

Comey's turn after Trump calls him a nutjob. Grab the popcorn.


  1. How do we know that this isn’t all just Kabuki Theater? Trump is back to aiding the headchoppers in Syria. The Deep State and Israel have proven to themselves that the American people cannot and will not digest the idea that Obama and Hillary flattened Libya and aided Al Qaeda and perhaps ISIS to destroy Syrian society. They cannot and will not digest the idea that the US is trying to make Russia the new replacement for the phony terrorist threat or that Obama installed Nazis in Ukraine. Apparently, more people than ever have a deep religious and emotional belief the the US government has magical powers to fix both the economy and foreign affairs without being able to find Korea on a map. [I didn't know Africa had countries! I thought Africa was a country!]

    One good thing we can say about the election of Trump is that it is now obvious that anyone spouting the “Russia hacked the election” B.S. is immune beyond total ignorance to any understanding of the recent historical context of US foreign policy. We obviously do not have to structure our message to reach those people because they are completely hopeless.

  2. Even if all aspects of the Russia story were true (which I highly doubt, because too many actors I don't trust subscribe to it), I continue to be mystified about what the issues are. As far as I can tell, there is a large element of hysteria and hypocrisy.

    Let's say Russia did hack and send to Wikileaks the DNC and Clinton campaign emails. Given the Democrats' whining about the impact on the election, it appears they think this was material information for the voters. And I haven't seen anything put out by the losers to suggest that the emails weren't genuine. So is their complaint that they didn't want the voters to have material information before voting?

    If the complaint is disclosure of confidential communications, that would be quite rich. First, you can bet that if they or the media could have gotten hold of damaging, private communications of the Trump campaign which would have been deemed material, they would have published them too (e.g., the locker room audio with Trump). Second, how can anyone at the state make this complaint with a straight face given how the state (NSA, CIA, etc.) records every private communication in the private sector?

    In addition, exactly what is the problem if the Trump campaign did "collude" with Putin? What is the damage that people fear? That Russia is going to invade the US? That Russia and the US might work in greater harmony? People use the term "collude with Russia" as if it is self-evidently a problem, requiring no elaboration.

    Let's not even mention the numerous times the US (through the CIA and the NED) has tried to influence elections around the globe, including in elections held by its supposed allies (Australia, Israel, etc.).