Thursday, May 18, 2017

BREAKING HOT Comey Had FBI Hire Former British Intelligence Agent to Dig Up Dirt on Trump

Wow, Trump fights back.

Judge  Andrew P. Napolitano, who resides in a Trump building in New York City and who is close to New York FBI agents, is reporting that James Comey, when he was director of the FBI,  authorized his agents last year during the presidential campaign "to engage a former British intelligence agent to dig up dirt on candidate Trump and to pay him $50,000 for it. The story the agent dug up was so lurid and unbelievable that the FBI declined to make the payment," according to Napolitano.

Napolitano has not named the former British agent but it could very well be Christopher Steele who alleged that the Russians had compromising material on Trump and that the Trump campaign actively coordinated with Russian hackers targeting Clinton.

It was originally believed that Steele was hired to do opposition on Trump by another Republican candidate, perhaps Jeb Bush. What could now be suspected as being a cover story was that the dossier on Trump was given to Senator John McCain and that he was responsible for handing it over to the FBI---and not that the FBI was the group that commissioned the report.

If Napolitano's report is correct, it puts an entirely different perspective on the allegiances of Comey and what he has been up to.



  1. Quite a race to the bottom we got goin' here...

  2. Wow! The back story is getting filled in. I remember reading that McCain had gotten wind of the report and sent an aide over to Britain to get a copy of the report. Then he gave it to Comey. Comey was already aware of the report. Now we know he was aware of the report because he commissioned the report!