Sunday, April 2, 2017

Why in the End the Victimhood Culture Only Benefits Straight White Men

This is excellent.




  1. My ex employs about 60 people at her factory. Almost all are blue collar kids. They come in many skin shades complete with tats, piercings, and non-standard sexual orientations. They are great. No whining and a terrific work ethic. If a new hire is an asshole, they're ostracized and soon depart.
    The sole problem employee? A millennial graduate from U.C. Santa Cruz (sooprize sooprize). She considers the F bomb as sexual harrassment, etc. Good luck in a factory environment. The ex is afraid to fire her of course, 'cause the usual attorneys are awaiting.

  2. JH: "Words do hurt."

    He's perpetuating the SJW myth. Quite unfortunate.

  3. "Safety culture is debilitating. It is crippling. It is a terrible, terrible thing. Those who embrace it as an identity, the weaker you get, the more angry you get. The less likely you are to thrive after you leave the 'bubble of safety'.

    Who gets stronger from this? Straight white men. Straight white men are the only beneficiaries here because, for four years, they're told, 'You're the bad guys. You're the evil ones and there are no resources to support you in particular.' What does that sound like? A job!

    Straight white men have four years of preparation for a job! Whereas anyone who grasps the victim identity has four years of dis-preparation.

    Businesses are wondering, 'What is going on? I don't want these kids. They're going to sue. They're going to cry. I don't want these kids from this safety culture.' "

    Of course, make the white man work. Is he going to have to provide for society in the form of taxation? Maybe he should collectively "shrug" and watch what happens?