Sunday, April 16, 2017

What was the Real Reason Behind the MOAB Bomb Drop in Afghanistan?

Target Liberty reader Dexter Morgan emails:
I have this theory about the MOAB.  Not sure if anyone else has expounded on it, but I'm wondering if the use of the MOAB now is a practice run for its possible use in North Korea.  There's no reason to escalate the fight against ISIS in Afghanistan at this moment, they are not a threat to anyone significant in that location and are mired fighting the Taliban et al.  Perhaps the use of the MOAB is to test its use, especially in mountain type environments.  Its previous test was here at Eglin Air Force Base, and believe me we have no mountains.  North Korea supposedly has its nuclear weapons in mobile transport units hidden in the mountains.  Perhaps this was all a dry run for assessing its use in the field if needed to quickly wipe out all of NK's nukes if things continue to escalate in that direction.


  1. I didn't even realize this was a question. I thought it was pretty well accepted that the MOAB was, at the very least, a "message" to NK before this week's showdown between psychopaths.

  2. Wouldn't penetrating bunker busting bombs be more efficient for this though? As far as tunnels and underground bunkers are concerned?

  3. Great points. I am sure Kim heard about it

  4. It would seem that you would need full control of the airspace to drop a MOAB. It is dropped from a C-130 turbo-prop cargo plane. NKorea is blanketed with anti-aircraft batteries, so I don't see how you get a MOAB-carrying cargo plane there.

  5. I read somewhere that the MOABs have a 10-year shelf life, or something like that, and that they're nearing the end. It's "use 'em or lose 'em"?

    1. Very likely. That's probably the story also behind the tomahawks that didn't reach their destination. I wouldn't be surprised if there is also some clause in the contract that favors buying more of the same if it's been "used in the battlefield".