Thursday, April 13, 2017

VIDEO Mother of All Bombs GBU-43/B

Here is a background information video on the bomb that the United States military just dropped in Afghanistan, the "Mother of All Bombs."


Note:  According to the Guardian in 2007, Russia tested a "Father of All Bombs", which is claimed to be four times as powerful as the MOAB.


  1. Clearly this is a "girlly man" bomb and we rightly fear nukes. Compare this to footage of nukes vaporizing islands in the Pacific during the 1950s. This wouldn't get my attention if I was the enemy. I'm sure if you were in a cave just a half mile away you would be perfectly fine. A nuke however would level a mountain AND leave deadly fallout. I can only hope General Buck Turgidson doesn't have Trump's ear.

  2. Wikipedia says that the bomb weighs 10,300 kg (22,600 lb), but it has a 11 tons of TNT yield. Compare with Little Boy (Hiroshima) 15 kilotons, or thermonuclear Ivy Mike, 10 megatons.

  3. Yeah they tested this at Eglin, near where I live. You can always feel the vibrations from the bomb testing miles from where they test all this stuff.

  4. Enter Rothbard:

    "...the use of nuclear or similar weapons, or the threat thereof, is a sin and a crime against humanity for which there can be no justification."