Thursday, April 20, 2017

VIDEO An Anarcho-Capitalist Goose?

Clarksville, Indiana police detective  Hall was attacked by a goose as he tried to walk down the sidewalk into the local police headquarters.

Clarksville P.D. Lieutenant Shane Basset shared footage from a surveillance camera at the headquarters.



(via Grifter in Gotham


  1. I'd say that goose has homesteaded that unowned government property!
    And it's obvious that goose understands his private property better than most people I have encountered.
    We have geese, they can be mean, I had to teach my little daughters to face the mean ones and spread their arms out really wide like a goose and stand up as tall as they can, and the goose would back down. Otherwise they would get snapped. Taught my girls to stand up for themselves.
    Those mean geese got their heads chopped off eventually. That taught my daughters that ultimately poppa will protect them.
    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Huh...I'm wondering why the cop didn't shoot the goose in the name of "officer safety"?

    1. It wasn't an unarmed black guy so there was no threat.

  3. Har! I'm surprised the cop didn't pull out his gun and shoot until his clip was empty (most likely missing the goose, but hitting God knows what).