Wednesday, April 26, 2017

VERY COOL; Private Sector Security vs. Somali Pirates

This is what private sector security looks like.




  1. It did kinda seem as if they kept firing on the first boat after it was disabled and was being left behind in their wake. Under the circumstances I'm not sure I'd have done any different, but it's a bit over the line, perhaps.

    Isn't it true that for a long time, cargo ships were forbidden from carrying effective armaments to defend against piracy? "The government will protect you" was the line, but that hasn't passed the smell test for some time.

    1. It doesn't matter that the boat was disabled, you still sink it and kill everyone on board. Don't want to get gunned down and drown in the open ocean? Don't be a pirate.

    2. Exactly. There is no 'over the line' when you attempt to hijack likely hundreds of millions of dollars worth of someones property.
      Kill them all and put the fear into any other would be bandits.

  2. That was good.

    Prosegur security group, not as good.

  3. Looks like a close shave with those light weapons. They need bigger caliber or RPGs.

  4. Looks like they did just fine to me. They weren't boarded and it didn't look like any major damage was done to the ship. I assume that's what they are paid for.
    The AR-15 is a fine weapon. Everyone should own at least 2. Or 5. Sure, a over the counter BA-50 would have more horsepower, (well over the counter here in Alaska) but again, they got the job done pretty easily.
    And no guvment is the take away.