Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump's 2016 New Jersey State Campaign Director: Trump is Now Part of the Swamp

Following reports that the United States on Thursday night launched 50-60 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Syria, President Donald J. Trump’s 2016 New Jersey State Campaign Director tonight said “the neocons got to [the President].”

“He is part of the swamp,” state Senator Mike Doherty (R-23) said of Trump in the wake of the attacks.

“A few days ago, Trump said Assad could stay in power,” said Doherty, a retired U.S. Army captain. “Then the gas attack. Now Trump has changed course. Now Assad must go. Where is the evidence Assad used chemical weapons? What would Assad gain by using chemical weapons? The number one reason that I supported Trump was his foreign policy views. He is about to lose me if he lets the generals talk him into a war with  Syria. How will that benefit the American people?”

Doherty said Trump was supposed to be different.

“But based on what I’m seeing tonight, this is a case of ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss,'” the movement conservative senator said.

Let's hope we start to see similar statements from libertarians Trump fanboys.

All libertarians should feel free to use the comment section of this post to make statements on Trump and the attack on Syria.


(via Inside NJ, ht Murray Sabrin)


  1. Trump vs Trump.

  2. I'm not surprised at all by the attacks or Trump's pivot on foreign policy. If you're going to put your support behind an outsider in politics, you'd better be sure they have integrity and a coherent philosophy. Otherwise they'll just become part of the corrupt machine. Trump is easily swayed by those around him. He seems erratic and his positions can turn on a dime. I can just imagine him being shown some crude war propaganda with images of injured Syrian children, and deciding in an instant to launch missiles into the country without having a strategy or considering the ramifications.

    I can't imagine what is left for libertarian Trump fanboys to cling to.

  3. What a surprise? Of course not. We know the worst rise to the top.
    Trump is a politician.
    He is also a murderer, as I called him his first week in office.
    Who cares about anything he might do "good" in America, which I don't see actually happening, if he is going to use America to murder people.
    It's disgusting.
    This whole thing cements my thoughts on voting even more.
    Voting is not a benign act. Political voting is evil.
    A vote for Trump, was a vote for murder.

  4. POTUS has surrounded himself with swamp creatures including his son in law.
    This attack is horrid, but Israel and ISIS are both elated so there is that.

  5. Trump was never different, if anyone bothered to look beyond his big mouth on the campaign trail it was pretty obvious. Guy was a Democrat and a personal friend of the Clintons (including donating to their campaigns) for decades. I'm rather enjoying the schadenfreude right now

  6. President Swamp Thing is really just the tip of the iceberg. Our federal government has an agenda that stretches back to Bush 41 (and probably beyond). I used to believe it had mostly to do with the petrodollar, but lately I'm of the mindset that the military/spy complex is simply a capricious beast. It needs no special rational for doing what it wants. It's an uncontrollable hammer that sees nails everywhere.

    BTW, domestic political resistance is a nail. A big 60d flathead begging for a pounding.

  7. Fa├žade of government at home was crumbling threatening to expose its face. Attack on Syria is tactical distraction to pivot attention away from scandalous misdeeds on our own soil.

  8. Bright side of this move to full blown Neocon is that millions more feel betrayed by the system.

  9. Vox Day:

    The God-Emperor pulls a Clinton and lobs 59 missiles at Syria…Without question, this looks both stupid and disappointing. Following the lead of the neocons inevitably leads to disaster, sooner or later, for both the US President and the American people. And why now, when Assad and the various allied forces have ISIS on the run?

    Perhaps it is because ISIS is an American creation? Perhaps because Israel prefers Daesh to Assad? Who knows?

    Regardless, it's important to keep in mind that the God-Emperor always makes mistakes. He always bumbles around like a bull in a china shop in any new or complicated situation. But usually, he learns from them. Usually, when one horn of his A/B testing fails, he abandons that strategy.

    But as long as he builds that big beautiful wall and keeps repatriating immigrants, I don't really care all that much one way or the other. Americans shouldn't worry overmuch about war abroad, they should be worrying more about the coming war at home.

  10. As libertarians, we can agree that the airfield was a legit target because it was used to launch the murderous chem weapons attack. This is not war with Syria and there is no evidence that the missiles killed civilians or strengthened ISIS. It did send a message to the fat crazy kid running N Korea.

    1. No, we can't agree to this, becasue it is not at all clear that there was a chemical weapons attack launched by the Syrian government. There might have been no attack. There might have been a conventional weapons attack. Or there might indeed have been a chemical weapons attack.

  11. I am forced to make this personal, my family and I are currently suffering because of the mad delusions of a neighbor who is a raging Paranoid Schizophrenic. He is aging badly and his former medical regime is no longer working. Two months ago he decided he no longer needed medication and proceeded quickly into a full blown raging mania. In a nutshell, that diagnosis perfectly describes the crew that is running the Donald J. Trump's Administration, full blown raging mania. By the way, the Goddess Mania was the snake haired Goddess of the Dead in the Etruscan civilization.

    I am going to say what I have avoided saying up to now. I have believed for 53 years that this country was on a predetermined path to a dystopian police state of almost unimaginable proportions. I was barely eleven years old when J. Edgar Hoover, Ronald Wilson Reagan, L.B.J. and a host of others made it very clear that this country was deranged, and psychotic. I have distrusted, abhorred, screamed, and more at every single politician of any party who conspired to midwife the horrific future we are watching unfold before our eyes. Let me be specific, all politicians at the federal level over the past 114 years, every damn one of them.

    What sentient species gladly swings wide open the Gates of Hell, known as the Plutonium? I mean, ask yourself what sane individual would leave the earth littered with untold thousands of nuclear warheads, processing plants, and hundreds of derelict nuclear facilities? I consider our politicians and their underlings to be nothing more than drunken monkeys with sledge hammers looking for nails to be brutally battered into submission.

    I can say what I am saying today because for the last six years I have felt that I want no part of the dystopian enslavement that is planned for us, and would prefer to die a free sovereign individual. I will not be silent because I basically consider myself as good as dead, so what is the point of buffering my comments? I am done hiding what I really think of the sick freaks that demand our praise. The hell with all of them.