Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trump Is the New Insult on Playgrounds

The Daily Beast reports:
It’s a Trumpian take on the playground game “cops and robbers”: one student plays “Trump,” another is “Pence,” and the rest play “Mexicans” who must escape the threat of deportation by being tagged.
The students are as young as nine years old and this is the playground at a New York City elementary school in predominantly Latino East Harlem.
Once tagged, the “Mexicans” rely on their friends to free them from “detention” (a fenced-in play area) otherwise Trump and Pence win, one parent whose child participated in the game said....
 [H]s son explained that the “bad guys” in the game were Trump and Pence...
“I don’t know what their level of understanding is. I don’t know if the kids know what the exact problem is, or if they’re just repeating bits of what they hear at home, but there’s some level of understanding that Trump’s presidency is bad for the people who go to that school.”

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