Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Trump Beating War Drums

During a  Rose Garden news conference today with the King of Jordan, President Trump responded to the gas attack in Syria:
It crossed a lot of lines for me … many, many lines —beyond a red line.
He also accused the Assad government of being behind the "horrific" attack that targeted "women, small children, and even beautiful little babies."

But also note in the clip below, without being asked, he brought up North Korea. Trump is clearly ready to attack North Korea if he doesn't get "cooperation" on Noth Korea from Chinese President Xi Jinping during their meeting later this week at Mar-a-Lago.



  1. Hows that anti-interventionist Trump working out for the Trumpitarians and Trumparchists? But hey he is at least going to build his massive socialist structure that they want so much so at there's that

  2. The Syrian gas attack narrative is so tired yet here we go again. Syria hates ur freedumbs! Well, no but, uhhhh... Assad must go because... ya know, red lines crossed & such. What's fascinating is how much Nikki Haley resembles Samantha Power (except with black hair) holding up those photos of (supposedly) gassed by Assad "beautiful little Syrian babies." The lust for war and blood displayed by these women is striking.

    Remember when the Trump fanboys said "at least he won't start WWIII"?

    1. NEVER a fanboy, but yeah, that's what I said at the time. Jeez, the Neo's really have it wrapped up, don't they. Gotta re-consider my anchorage, I think I'm downwind from Miami.

  3. Trump drained the swamp alright. Then filled it back up with his swamp water.

  4. Putin is a very cerebral, and calculating leader who will keep Trump guessing on how Russian strategic forces will react to Trump attempting to assassinate Assad's Administration. My opinion is that Putin will sink every U.S. vessel in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Persian Gulf. Simultaneous to the attack on U.S. vessels Putin will annihilate all U.S. missile, and Air Force bases in the entire sector of NATO eastern flank. If Trump so much as twitches Putin will command multiple cobalt tsunamis wash over the entirety of the continental U.S. to a depth of over a thousand feet.

    The Americans who currently serve in Syria will be vaporized before Putin puts down the phone after giving the order.

    I wish I could say say something to put people at ease but my sense of current events is that America will be sacrificed so that the apartheid Israeli empire might spread it's economic, and military wings as it soars over the carcasses of Western Europe and America.