Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Trump: Assad is an Animal..

and he bitches about Russia. What any of this has to do with the United States, I have no idea.

Many are beginning to realize Trump is worse than Hillary would have been,



  1. Well, either Israel is the 51st United State or Tel Aviv is the real capital of the US empire, so it has something to do with the United States.

  2. "Assad is an animal." At least he's not a vegetable or mineral, so he's got THAT going for him. But if Trump wants to talk about real "animals" (of the murderous human kind), he might start by looking in the mirror before he points the finger at anyone else.

  3. It’s much more than Trump, it’s the Republicans themselves. In 2013, only 22% of them supported bombing Syria, now 86% of them do. In 2013, Democrat support for bombing Syria was 38%, now it's 37%; no real change. If Hillary was President, the Republicans would be strongly opposed to bombing Syria.

    "Republicans Love the Same Attack on Syria They Hated When Obama Considered It"