Friday, April 28, 2017

Tillerson Calls on U.N. to Implement Sanctions Against North Korea

Tillerson continues belligerent tone toward North Korea.
The United States continues to squeeze North Korea.

This morning, Secretary of State Tillerson called on the United Nations to implement sanctions, and also suspend or downgrade diplomatic relations with North Korea.

This is positively insane.

Why would you want the world to cut off diplomatic relations with a military threat.

The Korean kid could be talked down but there appears to be zero effort by the United States to go in that direction.



  1. Conversation and sharing one's thoughts with others across a table are for those of the famine persuasion. Men of action emulate Lyndon Baines Johnson in situations where their lust for war is questioned, they simply unzip their pants, pull out their member, and say that is why we are in Vietnam. Simple, direct, and unmistakeable in its implication.

    When Milton Berle used to pull out his member and show his fellow comedians I guess it was considered funny, and Milton was funny as hell, witty, and harmless fun. But these jokers are nuts and don't give a damn about anything beyond making sure we all end up dead.

  2. If you want to go to war why would you want to talk your enemy down?

    We know that FDR wanted to enter WW2 even though the American public didn't.
    And we know he decided to provoke Japan to attacking the US when he failed to provoke Hitler. And we know FDR shunned efforts by the Japanese to avoid war right up until a few days before the attack on Pearl Harbor.