Thursday, April 6, 2017

Syria Crisis Update: US Attack Imminent? And What You Can Do.

By Daniel McAdams


The alleged chemical weapon attack in Syria on Tuesday is propelling the United States toward a large-scale military attack on the Assad government. The mainstream media, neoconservatives, and “humanitarian” interventionists are creating a perfect storm pressuring President Trump to take military action.

A major US attack on Syria may be imminent!

What we know: 
1) President Trump said today that “something should happen” to Syrian President Assad for the alleged attack. Yesterday be blamed the Syrian government for the attack and said that he had done a 180 degree turn on Assad, just days after his Administration stated that regime change was no longer a US priority for Assad. 

2) The media is reporting that President Trump has tasked his Defense Secretary, James Mattis, to come up with a plan for a military strike on Syria
3) Our sources inside the Senate have reported that the Senate Foreign Affairs committee will soon be voting on a motion condemning Assad for the chemical attack. According to our source, rank and file Members and staff are not being given any sense of what the intelligence community thinks or knows. Leadership is expecting Members and staff to fly blind through the process, with only NGOs and the McCain/Graham/Corker axis providing the information.
What we have heard:
1) The US had a drone in the area of the attack so the US has detailed photographic and sensor information on what actually occurred but it is not being shared either with Senators or the public.

2) The President may have already ordered a massive US missile strike on Syria, possibly similar to the “shock and awe” that opened the Iraq war just over 15 years ago. He may intend to issue an Executive Order for the attack.

What we do not know:
1) How the Russians may react should the United States launch a large-scale attack on a Syrian government in which it is so deeply invested.
2) How the region (Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia) may be affected in the immediate aftermath of a large-scale US attack on Syria that displaces the current Syrian government.
3) Who will fill the void if a US attack de-facto changes the Syrian regime.

What we suspect will happen:
1) The House/Senate will pass a resolution condemning Assad for the attack which will contain vague language that could nevertheless reasonably be construed as an authorization to use military force.
2) The resolution may also contain language that gives an ultimatum to Assad, similar to those given Milosevic and Saddam Hussein immediately before an American attack. 

3) Either an attack or a stand-down could occur as soon as the next few hours.

What you can do:
It is imperative to contact your Representative and Senators as well as the White House to urge that Congress and the president take no military action against Syria with virtually no information available on the attack.

Again: A large-scale US missile attack on Syria may be imminent.
The above originally appeared at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.


  1. This is terrifying and sickening! How many innocents will die, if OUR bombs start flying?

  2. Only way I see this start is that if the military refuses to fight it, I hope Im wrong though

  3. I wish McAdams hadn't ended his last sentence with "take no military action against Syria with virtually no information available on the attack." I don't care if there is some or a lot of information available on the attack; I still don't think the US state should be doing anything over there.