Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Politically Correct Ivanka Does Berlin

Ivanka Trump, who seems to carry the banner for every currently popular cockamamie politically correct fad, is in Berlin today for a conference on women.

She was invited to the conference by the statist,  German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

While in Berlin, she will attend a panel discussion as part of the W20 Summit, a women-focused effort within the Group of 20 countries. She will also take in a technical school, visit the United States embassy and go to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

In advance of the summit, Ivanka co-authored with World Bank President Jim Yong Kim an op-ed in the Financial Times.

The article called for "empowering women" in a mildly interventionist manner.

But mostly it was air. Once again supporting my view that Charles Murray would never use Ivanka as an object lesson on who falls on the right side of the bell curve,



  1. Yeah, she's a clueless as Chelsea. But as long as I have to look at "The First Daughter", well, jeepers.