Thursday, April 13, 2017

On Promoting a Private Property Society

At the post, United Airlines and Its Private Property Society Type Reaction, a commenter wrote this;
Why are you fantasizing about a society that doesn't exist, and it may not exist in our lifetime? UA in Atlantis, UA in a distant galaxy, UA under Roman rule.
Look, I have said this before, I really don't expect a Private Property Society to emerge anytime in the near future, If you think it is going to occur in the near future, you are fooling yourself.

If you really don't like to do battle with interventionists, then you really shouldn't spend a lot of time on PPS (unless, of course, you like to think about it for purely intellectual reasons). This is a battle for those who like to mix it up. That's about it. If you are going to be a crybaby about the fact that the world isn't going to go PPS next week, you really should be doing something else with your time, perhaps watching baseball games on television.

It's true MLB has instituted new rules that shave about one minute and 43 seconds off of every game but that should still give you about two hours and 58 minutes 17 seconds daily in the summer to occupy your mind(?). And then there is the occasional doubleheader.

The world is a very complex place so we don't know what series of events could occur to make the general public open toward moving in the direction of a PPS or when. To the degree, thought is given to what a PPS means (by us) and explained, the more likely it could take hold at the right time.

As for me, for the most part, I just like to mix it up with statists.



  1. Well, this reply is worse that your article and your support for Hillary. It's a common reply from someone that has no solid argument.. You can fantasize all you want about an AnCap society, but the reality is that you would have to do much more and use different strategies than writing brain farts online. It can be done relatively quick, but the movement needs leaders that act on it.. telling people how situation X would be under a non-existent society would be too much for them to handle. Only those interested in intelectual thinking will pay attention, but that is only a small percentage of the population, and I seriously doubt they will want to deal with the masses and explain them in 3rd grade words. Change the strategy... Donald did it wonderfully, and it worked for his purposes of getting elected.. even Nigel Farage realized this.

    1. All big changes in culture start with ideas (what I assume you mean by "brain farts"). Americans are very fond of pointing to the intellectual ideas of the Founding Fathers, without which there could not have been the drive to the First War of Secession. The abolition movement began with meetings of like-minded individuals and distribution of pamphlets (the equivalent of blogs). Until enough people have intellectually bought into a new idea, they won't act. I see the role of sites such as this as helping to spread ideas, and helping those who are already sold to gain more ammunition as they advocate such ideas to broader circles or defend them in public. That's what the Ron Paul movement was about; he certainly was not really expecting to be elected as president, rather, he wanted to use the campaign platform to educate folks. As a result, there are many more who are now questioning the Fed and interventionism overseas.

  2. "Change the strategy."

    Who the heck are you to be issuing instructions to anyone, King of the World? Instead of whining about how RW runs his site, why don't you point us to YOUR site, which no doubt (according to you) is perfect in its focus and style (according to you). I'm sure you must have a site, or else you would be just someone who likes to run around trolling rather than actually taking the trouble to write coherent works of your own.