Saturday, April 15, 2017

"I regret supporting Donald Trump"

A Target Liberty reader Dr. Mirand S. writes:
Trump has failed.  I regret supporting him.  I thought he would be at least half the man that Ron Paul is. Instead, he is a plastic man whose mold is that of the establishment - or at least the last person to have had an impression on him. I am nauseated that he has audacity to mourn for  the dead children in Syria as a justification for the attack on Syria  with 59 tomahawk missiles.  This is a move that she-devil Hillary Clinton would  have attempted. Now we know that President Trump too can join that historic club of so called legitimate presidents by murdering and destroying the lives of innocents  under the guise of State.   Where is his so called mourning for the innocent children in Iraq or Yemen who are  directly punished by American weaponry?

I despise the site of him, like I do his daughter Princess Ivanka.  I call her princess since she too is now part of the American Imperial Family and the Imperial Presidency.  The Imperial President Trump bombs and  kills people in other nations because  his social justice warrior daughter Princess Ivanka was crying as a result of her safe space being violated by images on TV.  “Oh Daddy! Please spend millions of taxpayers dollars to make evil men go away. Please Daddy, I can’t stand it anymore.  Drop the bombs now!”

Does President Trump  even have a clue that the American Empire has  been running on fumes since Nixon unconstitutionally de-linked gold from the US dollar back in 1971?  Has it ever occurred to him that the War on Drugs is a horrific failure?  Will Princess Ivanka cry to daddy again when she sees television images of dead drug addicts ?

As I write this, President  Trump has dispatched a naval “armada” (his words not mine) to North Korea. He has also declared that NATO is no longer obsolete — an Imperial Presidency indeed.  And now he is considering re-nominating Imperial Finance Minister  Janet Yellen!

Donald J Trump's feigned moral outrage is abhorrent. He is a disgusting globalist hypocrite.


  1. Dr. Mirand S.,
    Terrific statement. (oops, I sounded like Trump there.)
    However, I must say that I patented the "Trump parrots the last person he talked to" meme two months ago. :)
    But seriously, he's basically a New York shyster with a laser beam focus on the venal and zero guiding principles.
    When asked, he replied "The last principal I had was in high school". That was a joke BTW.

  2. Dr. Mirand S.,

    Welcome back. We missed you while you were gone.

  3. Dear Dr. Mirand,

    We told you so.


    The true libertarians.

  4. Thank you Dr. Mirand S. for your willingness to look at the thin cloak of abhorrent normalcy that Trump used during his campaign to confound millions in his zeal to destroy what is left of liberty.
    But I must ask you why anyone in their right mind would trust, believe in, and worship any politician in Washington D.C.? I have openly abhorred every single president since that psychopathic couple known as Lyndon, and Ladybird gave a press conference on the tarmac on the evening of November 22nd, 1963. Since 1963 we have witnessed a never ending stream of weaklings, followed by strongmen elected to lead the country while looking like a Federico Fellini circus parade of serial killers.

  5. I knew when I voted for him that he was no better than Hillary on most issues. He is trying to close the borders to illegals and keep the USA from turning into a brown, third world cesspool however, so I stand by my choice.

  6. Isn't the enemy of my enemy my friend?

    1. Yeah... Trump just exudes friendliness, doesn't he?