Thursday, April 6, 2017

HOT HOT Trump Considering Military Action in Syria

President Trump has told members of Congress he is considering further military action in Syria after the recent chemical attack, CNN is reporting.

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 US, France, Britain have requested a vote today on UN Syria resolution.

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  1. What a shock, another President is blatantly lying to the America people in order to go to war with a country half way around the world so that he fulfills his role as a shameless whore who will commit genocide for his pimps. Trump is contorting his corpulent physique on behalf of the men who bought his wretched soul decades ago when he was an abject failure looking for a lifeline. Because of his corpulence, age, and lack of flexibility Trump will have to work a lot harder to make sure his Johns are pleased with the services he can provide in the Oval Office.

    When I woke up to the fact that Presidents, Senators, and Congressmen were nothing more than manipulative serial killers back in 1964, I hoped Americans would someday stop worshiping politicians. At the age of 63 I have to confess I gave up hope over 36 years ago. I lost all hope when I realized that people wanted to be part of the hive mind so badly that they could rationalize anything.