Wednesday, April 12, 2017

HOT HOT North Korea Orders Foreign Journalists "Be Ready to Move Out" at 6:20am Tomorrow

Something is coming down.

 From Jeremy Koh North Korea Correspondent for Channel News Asia:


It is very unclear what is going on.

From Reuters:
On Wednesday, North Korean officials told foreign journalists in Pyongyang invited to mark the national holiday that their schedule had been canceled, and to instead meet early on Thursday to prepare for a "big and important event".

Visits by foreign journalists to North Korea are rare and tightly coordinated, and security checks at events attended by leader Kim Jong Un are especially rigorous.

North Korea often uses such visits to showcase new construction projects. In recent weeks workers have been putting the finishing touches to the skyscraper-lined "Ryomyong" street in central Pyongyang.

Kim has made frequent visits to the street to inspect construction work there, according to state media. North Korea has in the past marked its April 15 holiday with tightly choreographed military parades.


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