Friday, April 14, 2017

Expert: North Korea 'Primed and Ready' for Nuke Test

Will North Korean president Kim Jong-un blink?

NBC News is reporting that the U.S. military will launch a preemptive attack if it believes  North Korea is about to conduct a nuclear test.

I'm told by sources that President Trump has instructed his generals to wait and see if China can talk Kim Jong-un into stopping his planned test.

If China fails to convince Jong-un of the folly of going ahead with the test, the U.S. is very likely to attack.

An attack could occur withing the next 48 hours.



  1. Apparently Sr Defense officials are saying this is "wildly wrong" and "crazy". More fake news?

    1. It's not "crazy," it's "psychopathic." I wish the Defense Department would get that straight.