Saturday, April 8, 2017

Exclusive: Bannon Offered No Opposition to Syria Bombing

Bannon did not oppose Syrian bombing.
Sources close to President Donald Trump's top advisor Steve Bannon  tell Target Liberty that Bannon offered no opposition to the Syrian bombing missile attack ordered by Trump on Thursday for fear of further alienating Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Earlier reports that Bannon were inaccurate. He remained "neutral" according to one staff member who works for Bannon.

An interview with Roger Stone on InfoWars in which the veteran Trump advisor said Bannon had opposed the bombing was incorrect and based on conversations Bannon had in which he said he would weigh in against the bombing.



  1. Seems like Bannon is playing for time. Not sure why since he's already halfway out the door. Maybe he just really loves being around the ring of power. I do not expect Trump to ever back him over Kushner.

  2. The Bannon narrative as an anti-semite opposed to middle eastern wars has always struck me as bizarre. Haven't people heard of Breitbart Jerusalem?

  3. The very idea that Trump ever was an anti-interventionist during the campaign is most likely false. Bolton was his security adviser during the campaign. Additionally, the media now says Trump changed his mind on Syria during a meeting with his advisers in December despite Trump saying it was the sarin gas attack that changed his mind - but even that's hard to believe.

    As soon as Trump was elected, his friend Henry Kissinger was visiting Trump Tower. Neither Pat Buchanan or any other "America First" foreign policy believers stopped by his building. Bannon and the Mercer family know the right wing far better than Trump. Perhaps they were advising him to BS on the Iraq war and non-intervention because they knew it was popular with the public.

    And Trump's supporters are right to be suspicious of Jared Kushner and his influence on Trump, but the truth is, Trump would have bombed Syria regardless.

  4. Jared Kushner is very bad news, and it seems that Bannon has wimped out.