Friday, April 14, 2017

BREITBART: Immigration Hawks Ascend to Senior DHS Positions

Welcome to Trump World, where he gets to decide who can work for you and rent from you.

According to Breitbart, two leading advocates for "reforming" illegal and legal immigration enforcement were appointed by President Donald Trump to serve as senior advisors for the Department of Homeland Security.

Jon Feere, the former legal analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies, and Julie Kirchner, the previous executive director for the Federation of American Immigration Reform , have both been appointed to senior positions.

Breitbart tells us more about the anti-freedom advocate organizations and their confused economic perspective:
Both the Center for Immigration Studies and FAIR have long been advocates for increased border security, a wall, reforming foreign guest worker visas and lower levels of legal immigration to help American wages to rise.


  1. Nothing says freedom like Mara Salvatrucha !
    Maybe that can be the new motto for dwindling Libertarians to jumpstart the movement .

    The Center for Immigration Studies and FAIR are both pro-freedom unlike Libertarians who have bizarrely adopted a pro-oligarch/pro white genocide position as one of their main platforms.

    Build the wall !

  2. Open border libertarians are retards! We don't need more dumb__ses from failed societies and cultures.

  3. "Welcome to Trump World, where he gets to decide who can work for you and rent from you."

    The government took that power long before Trump. Trump might be changing the details somewhat but it's not like it fundamentally changes anything. Objections to Trump almost entirely consist of how he will use powers government took at some point before he took office. We've been living in world where government decides things for us on an increasing basis for a good century. So far Trump can't get the government any new power but merely work the power it already has.

  4. The last Trumpistas on earth are making their last stand in the anti-immigration hill, until Trump takes that ammunition from them as well. In the meantime, desperation makes them show themselves at their most unhinged and racist.