Monday, April 17, 2017

BREAKING North Korea Warns ‘Nuclear War May Break Out at Any Moment’

North Korean Ambassador to the UN Kim In Ryong says the United States has created a situation in which “nuclear war may break out at any moment.”

“[North Korea] is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the U.S.,” he said today during a press conference in New York City.




  1. This guy is the front man for a brutal dictatorship. An agonizing death would be too good for him, the crazy fat kid and the rest of them.

  2. Robert, your example of Dennis Rodman's basketball diplomacy earlier today was a prime example of how people want to be listened to, respected, and treated with common decency. I have no illusions that North Korea's leader is a saint, but I know from experience that treating a bully with respect can help achieve what is important to you.

    In 1967 my older brother insisted on honking the horn of his 1961 Volkswagen Bug at a slow moving pickup truck pulling a heavy trailer. I told my brother to stop it because we were on a one lane road in a semi-rural area, and his car could never pass the truck. Well, at the next traffic light, a 280 pound Dump Truck of a Man started walking back toward us wearing a really nasty expression on his tanned mug. The man's arms looked like tanned truck pistons, and I begged my brother to make a quick U-turn and escape, but he refused. I told my brother the man was going to kill him, but my brother decided to stick his head out the window and say hi.

    At that point the Dump Truck of a Man thrust his fists around my brothers scrawny neck, and started squeezing until my brother's face turned beet red. I explained to the man that my brother was in the wrong, and should never have honked because it was obvious that the gentleman had a very heavy load in his trailer. I told that man that I would gladly apologize for my brothers stupidity, which I did with great sincerity, and at that point the man released my brothers neck after approximately 60 seconds. Shortly thereafter the Dump Truck of a Man with cutoff Pendleton shirt sleeves walked back to his aged truck never to be seen again. I later regretted saving my brothers life when I was in seventh grade, but at the time I never knew how he would betray our mother.

    I learned that everyone wants to be treated with respect, no matter what their position in life. I make sure I know the name of everybody I encounter at the grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, and Home Depot. It is the least I can do to counter the trend to dehumanize us all, and you get to have fun with some really good people along the way.

    1. Good for you, Switchblade. My sentiments too. Make eye contact, be friendly.

  3. That was a great story SB, reminded me of a "Great Brain" book.