Thursday, April 6, 2017

BREAKING HOT US Has Launched Cruise Missiles Against Syria

This is a developing story. Return to this post for updates.


Via CNN:

50 Tomahawk cruise missiles have been launched against Syria.



Nearly 60 Tomhawk missiles have been launched. All designed to hit within a minute of each other.


President Trump will address the nation.


Target appears to be the Shayrat Military Air Base.


Squadrons at the air base (via Wikipedia)

675 Squadron MiG-23MF/UM
677 Squadron Su-22M-2
685 Squadron Su-22M-4


Location 25 miles north of Hom, Syria:


Base has hardened shelters for aircraft.


  1. How is this not a Pearl Harbor for Syria? A cowardly sneak attack on a country that did not attack the US.

    There was no evidence that Assad used chemical weapons and what we do know indicates no way he did.

    HRC is a demon. Proven. Now we can say Trump is a demon too. Proven.

    Wonder if this was why Bannon was ousted. Maybe he knew this was in the works and objected.

    I didn't vote. I never will. Voting at all is a vote for an evil System. Whether you voted for Trump, HRC, or anyone... you voted for It.

  2. Sad, not even a political outside avoids war. Breitbart is celebrating it like some sort of win. New boss, same as the old boss...

  3. I have to admit I was probably wrong in my assessment of Putin attacking U.S. interests in the Middle-East when he felt the timing was right. Putin's press conference with Netanyahu was a dead giveaway that he has been offered a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Putin is being asked to neuter his instincts, play his cards right as Netanyahu's "Boy Wonder" in the gas fields off the coast off Gaza. Putin more and more looks like he realizes the fact he has become a pathetically frumpy old whore. The question we have to ask is who doesn't Netanyahu own at this point.

    This whole debacle is getting really hard to stomach on any level.

  4. This is Jeb Bush, Lindsay Graham, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton winning in foreign policy while leaving it to the "it's gonna be great" guy, "it's gonna be big," guy to massage the atrocities. Nite too the serial appearance if these war criminals during the election cycles. This should tell you something--presidential elections are war preparations.

  5. Looks like it's southwest of Homs, according to Google Maps. Interesting hangar design. Looks like they're meant to take a beating.