Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ann Coulter is a Wimp

By Gary North

Ann Coulter talks tough, but only in print. She refused to talk tough when it came time to talk.

She was invited to Berkeley. She made a lot of noise about it. Then, when push threatened to come to shove, she wimped out.

I am not impressed with the lady at all. I never have been. She has an acidic tongue, but that's not enough to impress me. You have to have the guts to back up your tongue. She does not have this. She is not a female Pat Buchanan.

I have kept my mouth shut about her for 15 years, but it's time to call a spade a spade. The woman is tough verbally, but a wimp personally.

When she backed out of her speech at Berkeley, I realized that she really does not understand politics. This was a tremendous opportunity to embarrass the far-Left crazies. I wrote about this in March. The best possible tactic that a conservative can use against the Left today is to let these crazy people act just as crazy as they are willing to act. The public is fed up. The more we can show that these people are off-the-wall whining nut cases, the better it is for the conservative movement. She has not figured this out. If you can't figure this out, you don't understand politics. You surely don't understand strategy.

This woman is no Saul Alinsky. Anyone who is not the equivalent of Alinksy should get out of the limelight on the issues of practical political action.

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  1. ---I see. The country is finished if Trump does not build a wall.[...] How can anyone believe such nonsense? ---

    Because Coulter, as well as most of the right-wing commentariat and Trumpistas, possess an understanding of economics which is limited to a zero-sum game mentality of winners and losers, just like their brethren on the Progressive left. Besides harboring very nasty prejudices against people who are not Americans (or WASP for that matter, to put it more succinctly), their lack of economic justification shapes their politics to the point where they will believe in magical thinking, such like the wall.

  2. Coulter knows that she has to stay within certain bounds and that by confronting these leftists she invites counter attack that could render her a mainstream has-been. Where corporations which pay to run her commentary and so forth could buckle to pressure and sanction her. Then there is of course the funding.

    The Berkley leftists are funded by George Soros according to reports. Soros has ownership stakes in a considerable array of media corporations. It's one thing for the controlled opposition voices like Coulter to support Trump, it's another to confront the desires of pay masters head on. Her career and income streams could quickly become rather limited.

  3. Just another culture warrior with no discernable philosophy.