Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ann Coulter Buckles: Will Not Deliver Berkeley Speech; Radical Left Wins

Tough talking Ann Coulter is apparently nothing more that talk---and sometimes not even that.

She just sent out this series of tweets:

Which means this was bullshit:




  1. Are kidding me! She explained on WOR 710AM NYC on the Mark Simone Show that the group sponsoring the event YAF cancelled it! She further said that SECURITY for speech was not going to be provided by YAF or Berkeley. So why should she risk her life just to prove a point. As we have seen in the past California is a lawless zone as far as the so called "Antifa" protesters are concerned! I think you owe Ms. Coulter an apology. Or better yet make an announcement that you will be delivering Ms. Coulters speech on the public square and face the miscreants that intend to harm her!

    1. The point is not that Coulter backed out, it is that she was claiming she wouldn't even if she had to speak in the public square.

      Or is Coulter so dumb that a week ago when she was making these claims that she didn't know there would be protesters?

  2. This post a little hard on Ann - she has no obligation to risk her life with these goons to give a speech. With that said, this was a missed opportunity on her part. Many big names are still going to Berkeley, with many supporters who can shield her. Crowdfunding private security would be a done deal with the level of attention & enthusiasm. She could have been a hero standing up to the leftist bullies. Instead, it's all a big let-down.