Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Vladimir Putin Utterly Destroys BBC Reporter

Everyone that thinks Russia is a threat to the United States should watch this.





  1. Good job. Too bad The Russians Are Coming! is proving to be such a convenient narrative.

  2. Qui bono?

    Who is most threatened by Russia being reconciled to the U.S. and participating in the economy of Europe? Who is most threatened by a vibrant US economy, by a resurgent American manufacturing base and national economic self determination?

    Hint: It isn't the Democrat Party. It isn't the Israel, the Saudis, Wall Street, international bankers or even the dreaded military industrial complex. They have owned the Clintons for 25 years and by extension, they own Obama. They also own the entire Republican establishment.

    Answer: I won't say their name but they are the world's most populous nation. They have the second largest national economy and are Uncle Sam's largest creditor. Think about it. All they have to do is give the Dems a little nudge and their blind partisan nature will take over and they can remain in the shadows. Follow the money. The REAL money,