Thursday, March 2, 2017

US Launches Airstrikes in Yemen

Oh yeah, Trump is going to bring the military home.

The United States conducted 20 airstrikes against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen overnight, the Pentagon reports.

Multiple locations were struck with the US military targeting militants, equipment, infrastructure, heavy weapons systems and fighting positions in the Abyan, Shabwa and Baydha regions.
Two US officials told CNN that manned and unmanned aircraft were used and that the military assesses that al Qaeda personnel were killed.

"The strikes were conducted in partnership with the government of Yemen," US Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said in a statement.

(via CNN)


  1. And i'm sure no civilians were killed as they never are.

  2. I feel the threat to national security. Don't you?

  3. What government of Yemen? Isn't the so called president there in exile in Saudi Arabia? So the US did this in partnership with the Houthi's?