Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trump: We Must Fight the Freedom Caucus

The Freedom Caucus is only a weak fighter for liberty. That said, there is no one in Congress that fights for liberty more than they do, as shallow as their fight is.

They were heroic in taking down the Ryan-Trump interventionist healthcare plan.

President Trump has sent out a tweet stating they must be fought if they don't get in line with the more interventionist parts of the Republican Party.
I wonder what Libertarians for Trump think about this.



  1. Perhaps therefore libertarians won’t be blamed this time around when things go south on the Trumpists. However, “Democrats always lie”© and “Keynesians always lie”©.

  2. Persuasion technique: look how centrist I am.

    1. Yeah everything's a technique. I wonder if his drone strikes which have killed tons of civilians like Obama are also a 'technique.'

    2. @Dex, you've changed the topic. I think he is trying to show the RINOs the revised plan is middle of the road. We do want Obamacare repealed don't we?

  3. The people who elected Trump did not need a Trump to pass Obamacare 1.5. Jeb! would have signed that bill no problem. Trump should consider that before pointing fingers.