Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trump Reviewing Ways to Make It Easier to Launch Drone Strikes

The Trump administration is close to finishing a review that would make it easier for the Pentagon to launch counterterrorism strikes anywhere in the world by lowering the threshold on acceptable civilian casualties and scaling back other constraints imposed by the Obama administration, reports The Washington Post.

WaPo continues:
The ongoing review, which has reached senior levels of the National Security Council, would undo a series of rules that Obama imposed, beginning in 2013, to rein in drone operations outside active war zones.

The Trump review must still be approved by the president, but recent drafts of the new policy would represent a major change in the way the United States approaches drone strikes and other targeted-killing operations in places such as Yemen, Somalia and Libya.

The changes to the Obama-era Presidential Policy Guidance would empower the Pentagon to make decisions on targets without approval from the White House and potentially scrap the “near-certainty” standard of no civilian deaths for strikes outside war zones. The Trump plans are also likely to relax the requirement that potential terror targets pose a “continuing and imminent threat” to U.S. personnel, officials said.
I really hope ALL libertarians are horrified by this.



  1. All Americans ought to be horrified. But most Americans will not care.

  2. For anyone who is on the fence about this, read (or recommend to them) Laurie Calhoun's excellent book, "We Kill Because We Can."